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7 Signs You Require AC Replacement in Sugar Land TX

July 7, 2022

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Is it time for AC replacement in Sugar Land, Texas? A new energy-efficient air conditioner can mean better cooling throughout your home and lower utility costs! Additionally, an older AC risks sudden shutdown at any time, often without warning. In turn, you might find yourself on the hottest summer day without a functioning air conditioner!

While many homeowners know the value of a new AC, they might not realize when it’s time for an upgrade. Check out these 7 signs that it’s time for Sugar Land AC replacement. You can then discuss your home’s air conditioner with a repair contractor near you as needed.

ac replacement in sugar land texas

1. Strange noises? Consider AC replacement in Sugar Land

A functioning air conditioner might make a slight humming sound as it operates. However, a homeowner should never overlook banging, grinding, squealing, and other similar noises. Grinding and banging might indicate broken parts or something inside the unit. Worn bearings often produce high-pitched, unpleasant squealing.

2. Don’t ignore odd smells from your AC

Along with strange noises, odd smells often indicate a damaged AC. Burning smells can mean a damaged part or struggling motor. Musty odors can mean water damage or mold and mildew buildup. You might also notice unpleasant smells if an animal or pest made its way into the AC compressor!

Also, consider that the source of odd smells or sounds isn’t likely to just go away. Instead, worn-out parts might risk damage to other parts in the compressor. Your unit might also just shut down without warning. Avoid these issues by scheduling AC replacement in Sugar Land if you notice odd smells or sounds from your current unit.

3. Don’t put up with uneven cooling from your AC

A functioning air conditioner should supply even cooling throughout your home. In some cases, uneven cooling might indicate poor-quality insulation in a room. Also, window or roof leaks might be letting out cooled air in certain spots. You might also be overlooking a heat source, such as electronics running consistently in that room.

On the other hand, an undersized or struggling AC might not push cool air through a home’s ductwork evenly. In turn, certain rooms might stay warm or stuffy even as the AC cycles on. Replacing the air conditioner then means even cooling and not wasting power trying to cool certain rooms!

4. A functioning AC means better air quality

Air conditioners by pulling warm air from a room, removing heat, and circulate that air back into the space. As it does, that air goes through the HVAC filter, removing dust and other irritants. Consequently, a functioning air conditioner means better air quality throughout your home.

If you notice extra dust on furniture or other signs of poor air quality, have the AC checked! It might not be pulling enough air from rooms as it cycles on. Also, it might be time to upgrade your furnace filter or have the ductwork cleaned. These simple fixes, along with a new AC unit, can mean improved indoor air quality.

5. Replace that AC rather than paying for consistent repairs

Over time, an air conditioner’s components will break down so much that you might end up paying for repeated repairs. Also, poor-quality manufacturing often means premature repairs or having to replace parts sooner than you should.

If you’re consistently having to repair an AC system, consider replacement! Investing in a high-quality appliance designed to last means fewer repair bills over the years. Also, that new AC is less likely to break down unexpectedly.

home requiring an ac repalcement

6. Check the refrigerant type

Older air conditioners might use R-22 or Freon refrigerant that risks environmental damage if it should leak. Rather than risk this, consider upgrading to a new unit that uses R-410A, an eco-friendlier refrigerant. Your AC repair contractor can note your unit’s refrigerant type and if it’s time for a switch!

7. How old is the AC unit?

As with any major appliance, an air conditioner only lasts so long before its major parts simply start working. Once that happens, you can pay for very expensive repairs or simply replace the unit! A new unit is less likely to break down and need those costly repairs.

Also, note that manufacturers might not keep making replacement parts for their older model appliances. In turn, you might not even be able to repair that older unit in a few years! Investing in a newer model can then mean better cooling, lower energy costs, and an AC that lasts!

Sugar Land AC Repair Services is happy to provide this information about AC replacement in Sugar Land, Texas, to our readers. If you need HVAC services, contact our Sugar Land AC repair company today. We offer guaranteed fixes at affordable prices. To find out more or to schedule your convenient repair appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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